Selecting a Puppy

We all eagerly await the arrival of each new litter. It is a very exciting time for us to watch all the changes that take place and to watch their personalities emerge. The puppies will be current on vaccinations and are examined by our veterinarian before leaving our home. They are given the best of care in preparation for the arrival into your home.


Follow our site and soon on Facebook to learn when new updates or new pictures have been added to the website. We do a group picture of the litter when they are just a few days old. We then wait until they are a few weeks of age to do individual pictures; as the puppies go through a lot of changes in just a few weeks.


We will begin the selection process at 4 to 6 weeks of age.  You may make your choice by visiting if you are able to do so in the given time frame, or otherwise make your choice with the pictures and video on our site.  Choices are made in the order of which the deposits are received. We encourage you to pick out which pup you want however; PLEASE NOTE: we will make the final decision on which puppy will be going to their furr-ever home. We have been learning these puppies personalities for the last 7-8 weeks and this helps ensure they are going to the family and home that will fit their personality and be the perfect match. Between week 7-8; as long as the pup has accomplished all goals he/she will be ready to go to their furr-ever home.


Overall, the puppies are given a variety of life experiences before coming to your home. Our philosophy is to give the very best to the puppies in nutrition, love, people oriented experiences, and cleanliness. This gives the puppies an excellent boost in health, intelligence, and confidence to be well socialized and ready for future training.